Coatings Unlimited Is Expanding In The Upper Midwest - Coatings Unlimited

In the Upper Midwest, customer needs are growing.

Coatings customers in the region are demanding a higher tier of service than what was previously available for their industrial projects.

It’s an area where Coatings Unlimited has been wanting to support customers better. We knew we could give customers the benefit of a more expert level of coating, fireproofing and lining insulation services.

But since our main office is in Missouri, we also knew we’d need local leadership and boots on the ground further north to do that.

So we came up with a plan to show up where our customers are.

We’ve expanded our services in the Upper Midwest by opening an office in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Coatings Unlimited Is Expanding In The Upper Midwest - Blair Project

And as part of our initiative to invest in our customers and in our people, we brought on industry veteran Patrick Skodje to lead our new office in the Twin Cities.

Patrick has been part of the industrial coatings industry for over 30 years and has a proven track record and dedication to servicing customers.

He’s supported some of the region’s largest owners and firms from ENR’s top 25 contractors. He’s been involved in many of the largest and most complex contracts in the five-state area over the last 15 or 20 years.

And as a native of the Upper Midwest, Patrick has worked in this market for his entire career.

He represents CUI’s commitment to finding the best talent so we can bring them inside our organization and develop their skills.

Patrick’s background and qualifications are a natural extension of Coatings Unlimited’s well-earned certifications. CUI is a QP-1, QP-2, QP-8 and QS-1 certified contractor, accredited by the Society of Protective Coatings.

That’s the highest degree of quality recognition available in our industry, and our certifications put us in the top tier of experts nationally.

We bring that level of expertise to our Upper Midwest customers on every project we work on to assure proper safety and execution practices.

Since launching our Twin Cities office, we’ve grown a local crew and successfully supported mutliple customers. But we’ve also been select and purposeful about how we grow to take care for our clients’ needs.

It’s how we’ve managed to grow despite supply chain issues and economic fluctuations.

With the addition of our Upper Midwest office, Coatings Unlimited is forging ahead with a stronghold as one of the most active companies in the industrial market.

And as we charge forward, we’re confident our team here will continue to evolve to meet our customers’ changing needs.